Through our understanding and expertise, we’ve gathered all the elements that constructs the best vacation on Beaulieu-sur-Mer. We want to offer the best mix of activities and stimulus so as our visitors can experience, live and breathe the same breeze of our lands, and understands it to its inner core. We offer the tools for you to create your puzzle of what fun means to you.

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Gears of the mechanism that works

Every means of having fun on land and on the Sea, from floating to wheeled vehicles.

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As long as you are happy, we are happy too.

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Why choose us?
We aim to offer a strong imprint of greatness, awe, wonder, feelings that we also received from the village, its nature and its stories, that are accessible any time, for life, through remembering. 

Who is behind?

Hotca Daniel is a witty spirited, self-made man that turned its obstacles into its advantages. Caught up by Beaulieu’s spell, he irreversibly chosen to be one of the magnifiers of meaning and sharer of hidden gems of the French Riviera. Daniel is an explorer whose limits are on the constant challenging waves of the present moment. His foremost objective is to bring his visitors into the magic of the present as well.

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